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July 21, 2015

Our modern, super-connected world allows us to be more educated in our decisions than ever before. Consumers are able to research a purchase they are considering before entering a store. They arm themselves with word-of-mouth reviews, online reviews, personal critiques of competitors, etc. before actually making a move.

In other words, to be competitive, you need a kick ass website.

But why is this important?
Well, if the reasons mentioned above (consumer research habits) aren’t enough, how about a few reasons like these:

  • Today, many business decisions begin with search engines
  • You’re likely reaching only 7% of your market if you don’t have a website
  • People are spending an incredible amount of time online; roughly 78$ of adults around the world spend time online.
  • Some consumers may assume that by not having a website you don’t take your business seriously.

Having a professional website that captures what your business is about, speaks volumes to how you’re presenting yourself and your business to the world. It provides intangible benefits as well: it’s an instant marketing tool that has the ability to evolve and grow as your business does. A well done site should be part of your foundation for the success of your business.

At JaySocial, what we have found to be successful is allowing our clients to ask all of their questions about the process of how we build a site. This is important to us because developing websites is as varied as the clients themselves. We take great pride in answering questions and making the process easy, with our goal always being a highly satisfied customer that has a fantastic product. Below are questions we are either asked or we answer with our FAQs sheet we provide to our clients.

How much is a site? The cost varies greatly depending on the what the client wants, the complexity of the project, the timeline to completion, and all of the parts that go into it.
What is your process? A consultation with the client to confirm the scope of work, a review of exactly what the website needs and where that meets what the client wants in relation to budget, our developers are given the project and begin construction, our creative director tracks progress and maintains regular contact with the client, client review and feedback, additional work or edits, a final review, then launch!
What is the difference between a logo and a brand? A logo is the identifying image (sometimes accompanied by a slogan) that becomes the memorable “face” of your business- like the golden arches of McDonald’s, the mermaid of Starbucks, or the orange arrow of Amazon. A brand is a full scale assessment and production of logo, mission identification, target market identification, capture of the essence of the company, and structuring all company items around this identification- logo, website, social media, design collateral, etc.
How do I select a hosting account? A JaySocial professional will assist you in choosing a hosting service that best meets your needs depending on what your website’s functionalities are.
What is the difference between hosting and a domain? Hosting is a service provided by a third party company that provides space on the Internet for the user’s website to be public or live. A domain is the web address that you choose for your website. Our domain is
What is WordPress? It is an online blog and website creation platform that allows the user to create what he needs for an web-based presence. WordPress is considered by many to be the most powerful content management system available today.
What is the difference between a “Ready Made” theme and a custom theme in WordPress? A ready-made theme is the structure (bones) of what a website can look like that has been created by someone else. It is has the ability to be changed to suit the particular person’s needs. A customized theme in WordPress is one that modified via its code to be made into what the client wants and needs. Sections may have been moved, removed, or drastically updated to reflect what the client wants.
What is NationBuilder? It is a community organizing platform. Clients are able to have customized sites built that allow easy communication with supporters.
How do I setup an E-commerce website? The JaySocial creative director and client decide upon an e-commerce hosting platform. Upon selection, the website is continuously built until launch.
How do I select a payment gateway merchant? The JaySocial creative director will assist the client in selecting the appropriate payment merchant based on the business’s needs.

These are some of our most commonly asked questions. Think of constructing a website as if you are constructing a house. A builder worth his salt will not throw up four walls, cut out a few windows, add a roof and a door and call it ready. The inner workings and details that make it livable, safe, and a pleasure to own, take time to decide upon, construct properly, and polish to the customer’s satisfaction. Then it’s a job well done. Website design is exactly this- just without the wood, doors, and nails.

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