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May 16, 2018

Ongoing progress in the sector of mobile technology, access to high-speed internet connection and its integration with latest technologies have resulted in an entirely new and enticing atmosphere within the entire mobile industry. Besides common people, a large number of online brands are now making investments in mobile apps development to entice their prospects and conduct a profitable business.
Indeed, the scenario inspires any start-up or an established brand and an individual to invest in the mobile app market worth approximately 88.3 billion American dollars. However, when a professional or a newbie steps ahead to create and/or launch any mobile application, a common question that strikes in his/her mind i.e. when to launch the newly developed/designed app or when is the right time for investing in app development? Before launch your mobile application, to make your app successful it becomes essential to check these 7 features enhancements in hardware that will impact your mobile apps in 2018 and beyond.

The entire sector has become flooded with many innovative apps and competition is becoming intensive consistently. In this situation, timing has huge significance to make sure about long-term success of any application. However, all app ideas are not successful because of pitfalls in the app. To avoid that in the app, the best solution is hire mobile application development agency that is expert, talented and proficient in the mobile app development field.

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Launching of any app during right time combined with outstanding ideas and adept development team will fill one’s pockets with huge amount of money. Hence, with the help of this blog post, you will come to know about various ways to figure out about the ways to decide the appropriate time to take the first step to the mobile industry and get positive outcomes in the form of huge dollars.

Understand the Buying/Downloading Cycle

To make sure that any new app resides over the screens of your targeted user, you have to understand the buying or downloading cycle at first. Each individual has a different cycle related to downloading and installation of new apps.

While some phone users consistently try new mobile apps regularly i.e. every 1 or 2 week, others opt to install any new app at high rate during the beginning of a particular month and never visit the app store for remaining days/weeks of the month.

Other than this, you will find many people downloading new apps only while they purchase a new phone. In this situation, app developers have to put their best possible efforts to perform detailed market research and find out the buying practice of particular target market to launch the application in accordance with the respective pattern.

Determine the Specific Type of Service Offered by Your App

Next, you have to identify whether your new app has any relation to any particular event or any seasonal sale. Even you have to analyze whether its users may use the app on daily basis. Considering these two points have huge influence on the overall app revenue cycle. According to experienced mobile app developers, a new app developer should launch his or her seasonal app just before the arrival of any specific season. This leads to the creation of hype in the app market and makes sure about high downloads. In the same way, you should launch any taxation related app during the initial months of a financial year.

Check Months, Weeks and Days to Launch an App

Months to Consider for Launching of an App

Interestingly, the time of a particular year i.e. month, week or day, on which you opt to launch any app, has a serious impact on its long-term success. According to experts of app development industry, December and February are the two best months to launch any application.
This is because; during these months, marketing buys cost increases drastically, which create pool of opportunities associated with success of any particular app. In contrast, you will find August as the cheapest possible month of any year to step your foot in the mobile sector. However, you may not get satisfying outcome; as app installations are slow during this period.

Weekends are Preferable than Week Days

In the same manner, experts of app development industry have highlighted about weekends, as the best timings for launching latest apps with countless innovative features. During this time, users want to have a break from their hectic work schedule and hence intend to try new things.

Category to Decide Right Day to Launch any App

Mobile app development experts have said that right day associated with launching and/or promotion of any new app depends on its specific category. For this, you have to dedicate your time to have a look on following categories with the best days of the week to launch any new app to achieve higher downloads and massive revenue from it.

  • Business apps witness higher downloads on either Tuesday or Thursday, while higher revenue on Wednesday and/or Thursday.
  • Educational apps have relatively high traction during weekends rather than on weekdays.
  • Health and Fitness apps have high downloads during the beginning days of any week and on weekends. However, such apps do not witness any craze or very less craze during evening time of Fridays.
  • Phone users download Music apps on a daily basis. However, if you look at the download graph, you will find that the graph reaches to its highest point on almost every Tuesday and every Saturday.
  • News-based apps undergo download every day, excluding Tuesday, while productivity apps witness download every day.
  • Social Networking apps have higher downloads as well as revenue on weekends.
  • Entertainment apps have high revenue on Saturdays, while high downloads on Fridays i.e. weekends.
  • Finance apps have high revenue on Sundays, while high downloads during weekdays.
  • Games or gaming applications witness huge traffic during Saturdays.

Selection of App Store
Launching of any new mobile application depends on a specific App store. For instance, you have to launch any app in the Google Play Store, you should strictly avoid to launch it on Thursday, while avoid Friday in case of Apple’s App Store. According to experts of app development sector, one should select to launch an iOS App on every Thursday, while promote it during weekends.

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Assure no Reputed Company launches its Apps or Rolls out its Innovations

Lastly, while you should decide the exact date of the launch of your app, you should assure that no other reputed technology company launches its new apps or roll out its innovations on the respective day. On doing this, your launched app may remain in background instead of getting limelight. For instance, if Apple or Microsoft is stepping to announce anything new or release any new feature on the launching date of your app, you should make plans to pre-pone or postpone your idea.

One time boost among targeted audiences and engagements of those all audiences while we first time launch our mobile is always exciting. But to measure the performance deliver by that app required tracking of a large number of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). To measure the success of the mobile app, a company or an individual expert should focus on these top Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to accomplish the overall business goal.
However, these tactics of mobile app launching will become so much helpful to get better exposure to your mobile app. Also, you can hire Professional Digital Marketing Agency to boost the number of downloads and installations.

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