Ecommerce, : Stay Aware with Innovative Strategies to Win the Ecommerce Battle in 2018
June 7, 2018

Ecommerce platforms or the ecommerce sector relies mainly on sales for survival. If you own and operate an ecommerce website, you should definitely stay aware with the significance of online sales for your business. Whether you opt to sell your products with the help of internet or simply possess an ecommerce site in combination with your land-based store, you should take essential steps to achieve high conversion rates to achieve success in your sector. Considering this fact, we have explained a few activities or actions, which would help you to make the winner of ecommerce battle during the year 2018.

Strategy1-Use images of high quality & include SEO-friendly detailed product description

Online shopping has a difficult part i.e. prospects lack direct access to any product, which they want to buy. Instead, shoppers rely on photos to get an appropriate idea of the available options. Thus, in order to get permanent customers and entice a large number of prospects to your site, you should essentially capture and upload high quality pictures for each of the products you want to sell over the internet.

Other than photos, you have to describe about your products accurately and in detail to your potential customers. Furthermore, you should use appropriate Meta tags and keywords to describe about your products to the potential customers clearly.

Strategy 2-Make Interfaces Mobile-friendly to Achieve Mobile Responsiveness

Nowadays, online shoppers show huge interest towards mobile responsiveness. They do not like to open an entirely different mobile site to view a mobile-friendly type of interface. Thus, you should hire experienced ecommerce web Development Company for the implementation of a responsive interface to allow transformation of your ecommerce websites for Smartphones, tablets and other similar type of devices.

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Strategy 3-Focus on Original Contents

Original contents have prime roles to create a strong connection with both your prospects and customers. Hence, as an ecommerce store owner, you should put efforts to include original contents as your effective content marketing strategy. With the help of original contents in your blog posts, videos, eBooks and audio segments only, you will make the ecommerce site as an excellent knowledge base for internet browsers interested in acquiring knowledge about your product offers and the entire market in detail.

Strategy 4-Create a Sound Content Marketing Strategy to Kick Up

Along with writing original contents, you as an ecommerce business owner should adopt a sound content marketing strategy. According to this, you should essentially prepare a list of various methods, which you will go to use for approaching your target customers. These include newsletters, videos and blog posts. You should make a point to check and take follow-up of your chosen strategy at least for once in a week or in a month and thereby, evaluate the way, in which content creation and its distribution procedures go on. You may take the help of digital marketing company for business growth and lead generation because blog, articles, video, social media messages, email etc are the different kind of content that digital marketing agency uses as per the need of a particular business’s marketing plan.

Strategy4-Use the Powerful Social Media Platform

Social media has always remained a powerful platform for large number of companies involved in ecommerce sales. However, it is essential for you to realize the options, which help you to earn big amount of money.

One of the best ways to do this is to create Google Plus, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook pages. You should opt to spread the contents via mentioned social media platforms and use important social media analytic tools to understand the one that works in the best way. Even if you find one working better than another one, you should spread out your social media presence. This will give your customers an effective way to connect with your products and company.

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Strategy6-A/B test your checkout process

Your ecommerce marketing plan should essentially include A/B test or check, as it intends to give you most of the already existing traffic based on web page optimization and thereby, to promote the conversion rate. Increase in online traffic garners positive results, while A/B test optimizes any page to boost revenue with the already existing amount.

Strategy7-Start Targeting towards Wearable Technology

Today, you will find a large number of tech companies, as releasing eyeglasses, watches and other wearable technology items. However, the question that comes in the mind is that how one can easily connect with customers, who possess any of the mentioned wearable technologies in their hands for all time. The answer lies in adapting with the interface of wearable technologies, as interfaces in this case appear in somewhat different way as compared to those possessed by Smartphone devices.

Strategy 8-Create How-To Videos via YouTube Channels and Tutorials

YouTube channels have always remained efficient ways to stay connected with customers. However, in order to approach a huge customer base, you should essentially think about how-to-tutorials. These video tutorials give assurance to your prospects and customers that are buying appropriate product from your online site and thereby, bring them back to the store frequently.

Strategy 9-Reach out to Your Customers in their Own Native Language

Indeed, as an owner of ecommerce stores, it is common for you to sell various items to people at the global level. However, just because you communicate in English never implies that you cannot approach any prospect speaking in any other language. Rather, you should opt to approach your foreign customers by simply providing the essential translation features present in your online store. A majority of ecommerce platforms, WooCommerce templates and WordPress ecommerce provide the essential translation settings, which let you to prevent excluding people belonging to other countries, which do not understand or communicate in your language.

Strategy 10-Implementation of a Solid Loyalty Program

Implementation of a solid loyalty program has prime role to bring people back to your ecommerce store and let them as feeling appreciated for spending their money on your product offers. An effective customer loyalty program helps in pushing the customer loyalty by simply providing valuable rewards to customers to patronize both products and services offers associated with your business. You can conduct loyalty programs by providing customers with rebates and discounts, free merchandises, rewards, access to unreleased products, coupons and many more.


In conclusion, we should say that winning ecommerce battle for the year 2018 is easy if you follow all above strategies. You have to focus on the aforementioned strategies to stay ahead in the intense competition and thereby, get a strong customer base. Therefore, if you own an online store or plan to setup a new one, you do not have to worry just follow simple and easy steps to entice your prospects and make them loyal customers.

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