Design, World of Tech & Design, : Headphones That Merge Fashion and Function
Design, World of Tech & Design,
July 13, 2015
Headphones That Merge Fashion and Function

Headphones that merge fashion and function. Thanks Helix!

We’ve all experienced the dreaded knot headphones become no matter how carefully or cleverly we attempt to store them. But it seems that a solution has been created; one that is both fashionable and functional.

Introducing the Helix Cuff, a product of company Ashley Chloe. Based on the principles of fashion and functionality, the Helix Cuff bluetooth headphones might be the best new accessory for tech users, smartphone lovers, fashion mavens, and everyone else. This wearable piece compliments any style, is sleek and comfortable, and clever in how it houses its technological power.
All photos courtesy of Ashley Chloe.

The ultra-small bluetooth earbuds have been engineered to emit high quality sound, and are available in three band colors (white, black, and red) with silver or gold embellishments.

When worn as a bracelet, the cuff is sleek and comfortable.


When in use, the headphones detach from the cuff piece creating a stylish necklace appearance. The bluetooth batteries have a 3-hour life and take less than an hour to charge.

So if you’re someone who wants to win the war against the headphones knot, preorder your AshleyChloe Helix Cuff earbuds on Kickstarter today.


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