Ecommerce, : E-commerce Features for Acquiring, Selling & Retaining Customers
April 25, 2018

With the advancement of internet and technology, E-Commerce and online businesses have reached a peak position in the 21st century. Since internet has spread and made available in almost every part of the world it is getting easier for people to know more about e-commerce business. Similarly, it is much easier on the part of the E-Commerce companies and other businesses to reach out to the people in a more sophisticated way. Different techniques and knowledge are required to develop a successful eCommerce chain and keep it running. To acquire customers, sell a company’s services and products and most importantly retaining the customers for long, companies develop different strategies and techniques throughout the year. This is because, without the customers, be it global or local, a company cannot increase its productivity and yearly profitable output. In this article, we are going to talk about different eCommerce features on how a company can acquire, sell and retain the chain of customers for a long period of time.

Different techniques for acquiring customers-
There are different ways in which eCommerce companies plan and strategize their programs and policies so that they can continue to acquire customers. Let us see some top techniques:

  • First things first, always be confident about what your eCommerce site is selling. Your products and services will carry forward your brand name, popularity and reputation. Maintaining consistency in quality and selling your products at the right price is what customers are always looking for.
  • Social media platforms are a great way to promote your brand. Therefore sponsor advertisements on those platforms and let others view your brand and what you are offering. Plan your marketing strategies carefully before implementing them.
  • Tracking your site traffic is also very important. When you keep a track of the quality of traffic you receive you will understand whether your site is getting popular or not.

So these are some of the best ways by which you can plan your strategies to acquire customers consistently. The more you acquire customers, the more profitable and productive your eCommerce business will be.

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Different techniques for selling to customers-
After you have acquired a good percentage of customers to your eCommerce site, the next step is to start selling your products and services. Here are some techniques which will help you out:

  • Since customers cannot feel or touch the products they are going to buy, you must ensure that they good view of them. Demonstrate the products from different angles and views so that customers can get a clear idea of what they are going to get.
  • You can upload videos related to the product for the better quality viewing experience. Videos are much more transparent and clear than pictures. Therefore try to upload them in good quality resolution for the customers.
  • Make your eCommerce website compatible with all kinds of devices starting from smartphones to personal computers. This allows various users to access and buy from your eCommerce site easily. If you have an app then it should support both iOS and Android platforms across devices.
  • As your customers will be buying online, it is your duty to get the products delivered properly to them. Maintain a good delivery service team who will deliver the products safely and perfectly to the customers. This encourages the customers to buy more from now at your eCommerce site.

Many eCommerce websites have gained the results they were looking for by applying good quality strategies related to the ones we have talked about in the above section. To implement and modify the tips according to your preferences but keep the motive and idea same so that it can work the right way and help your site grow.

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Different techniques for retaining customers-
You may have acquired a lot of customers and also sold your products to them. But what is the point if you cannot build a trust and retain them for the coming future. Losing customers will only help you once, when they rely on you for the first time but not always. Therefore here are some techniques which will help your eCommerce website to retain customers for the future:

  • Keep your customers engaged by providing good offers, discounts and special deals. Introduce special and bonus offers on festive occasions when people are looking for new things to buy. These are also known as loyalty programs and have always been proven to work for several eCommerce sites.
  • Notify your customers about what you are selling. You might have a huge stock of the item and amazing offers, but they will not be of any use if you do not let your customers know about them. Use push notifications, send emails and even text messages or put up advertisements all over the social media platforms so that customers can stay updated about your offerings. Email subscriptions and online advertising have proven to gain retain more customers.
  • Introduce surprise gifts and bonus rewards when your customers buy from your site. These small offers keep your customer happy and delighted when they get such unexpected rewards. Customers are always looking for something rewarding and beneficial. So give them what they want so that they can keep trusting and buying from your online eCommerce platform.
  • Last but not the least; collaborate with various other brands to promote your site and products you are selling. Online collaboration has always seemed to work perfectly for E-Commerce websites. Find a brand or an eCommerce website that is willing to collaborate with you for mutual benefits and promotion of both of your websites. Collaborations will help you to reach a wider network of people effectively.

So these are the few tactics which you can follow for retaining your customers for a long period of time.

Managing and handling and E-commerce website is not an easy task and requires a lot of Strategies and planning which needs to be maintained throughout the year consistently. Happy customers are the key to create repeat business, therefore we highly recommended to apply these simply strategies and experience another level of providing customer satisfaction.

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