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Why Nationbuilder ?

NationBuilder is the world’s first Community Organizing System. NationBuilder offers easy-to-update websites, a people database and communication tools like email, text messaging and social media – all in one system. Businesses, nonprofits, governments, and politicians use NationBuilder to organize their communities and build more meaningful relationships with customers, supporters, and constituents.

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JaySocial has helped Sistema Tulsa achieve an innovative online presence that reflects the values and branding of our program.They are great to work with—diligent, creative, and passionate about helping worthy causes succeed. This company is a trusted partner and asset to us. Thank you!

Jose Luis
Why JaySocial

As a certified NationBuilder Agency, JaySocial assists clients in converting their vision into an engaging Social Network driven platform guaranteed to get you votes, customers, donations, volunteers, or whatever be your requirements to engage customers.

What is a nation?
A nation is group of people united behind a common purpose. Everyone who cares about what you are doing – your fans, followers, constituents, members, donors, volunteers, customers, shareholders, and partners – are all part of your nation.

NationBuilder helps you find and organize other people who share your passion so you can build your nation, move your supporters into action, and achieve your goals.

We take full advantage of NationBuilder and can build a fully interactive desktop and mobile sites focused on action with easy-to-update website which includes a people database and communication tools like email, social media, virtual phone numbers, text messaging, email blasting and newsletters – all in one system.

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